Empy is a smart human resources
management tool
It helps you synchronize with your
coworkers easily. Manage all the
internal requests in one single place.
Key features
Late for work notifications
Vacation requests
Sick leave requests
Remote work requests
Employee’s real-time status
Available on all the devices
As an employer
you are powerful
You can approve or reject requests from your team in one click. See the status of each team member in one place.
As an employee
you are flexible
Late for work? Need a sick leave? Want to work remotely? Planning a vacation? Just send a request in several clicks and Empy will notify the right people and ask for approval.
So easy,
so empy
A user friendly interface to replace spreadsheets you used before to manage your company staff.
Track your team members
See detailed information about all the requests sent. Plan employees’ vacations and analyze your staff presence at work.
Empy is best for:
Small and medium companies
(5-100 employees)
Agile teams.
Managing was never that easy.
Companies with flexible schedule.
Be in tune with your team 24/7
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